the difference

between cash flow woes and cash in the bank is in...

the books

xero bookkeeping services

The numbers don't lie

I know you are SOOOO ready to step into the next level in your business

AND that you are 100% capable of getting there.

You just don’t have someone guiding so that you know exactly:

what to do


and how

to create the PROFITS you need to create the LIFE you want.

Because that’s why you have your business, RIGHT?

To have fulfillment and joy in your work and to pay for a life you LOVE to live!

simplicity bookkeeping services

I'm Sarah Blanchfield

I love books, gardening, time with my family, cooking, Star Trek and am weirdly obsessed with Excel spreadsheets.

I have a passion for helping online service providers apply targeted finance strategies to their business so that they can earn more and work less.

Bookkeeping services are the tool that gets me the data I need – but it’s so much more than checking boxes. 

does this sound familiar?

Your cash flow is inconsistent. You have great months and then months where it barely drips in. So you constantly hustle worrying that at any moment you could not have enough and so you never let yourself rest.

You don’t have enough clients and are constantly trying new marketing techniques, platforms and launching new offers just to try and get more people in the door…but it doesn’t seem to make enough of a difference

You flat out feel like you aren’t making enough money and some days, if you’re honest, you feel like you might want to give up. But you keep seeing other women crushing it so you KNOW it’s possible…but how???

ready for some clarity?

It's in the books!

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xero bookkeeping services

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I only provide Xero bookkeeping services. 


Because for small creative business there is no better system. 

It is less expensive than Quickbooks, more integrated with Stripe and Paypal and has better customizable dashboard for my clients. 

No fluff you don’t need – cheaper. 

First, you may be and not even know it! If you sell your time/energy/work online? You’re an OSP. Welcome to the club.

Second, complete the application and let’s chat! 

If your business is not a good fit for my services I will tell you. Plus, I know LOTS of great bookkeepers and I might just know the perfect one for you!

For legal protection for both of us, yes we have a contract we sign to work together outlining what we’ll do together. 

If you are asking about whether I require people to sign on with me for a specific length of time all that information is best explained in the services guide. Download it to read the details. 

What you’re likely wondering is – How is this different than what I’m already doing with my own books?

Xero Bookkeeping Services with Simplicity Bookkeeping is about WAY more than reconciling transactions. 

It’s about using financial data to create a strategic financial plan for your business and your life that increases profits, decreases costs and funds your dreams. 

That level of expertise is different than what you are currently doing with your books. 

If you are ready for that – you already know it. 

The investment details are outlined in the services guide. I invite you to download it to see the details. 

It's For You IF...

You want to work fewer hours and still have plenty of money rolling in on the regular

You want more profits in your business AND be paying yourself more money too

You want to feel like you’ve got all the financial stuff “handled” correctly and proactively without having to do it all yourself

are you ready?

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