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hey lady

I see you there

Working your booty off only to feel like you’re barely covering expenses.

And you’re about tired of hustling, you’ve been doing it all: hiring business coaches, mindset coaches, showing up on every platform, funnels, launches, the whole bit…

And the truth is, it’s not adding up to the results you were hoping for.

you might be wondering if financial freedom is really even possible for you...

It’s not a pipe dream – I help online service providers just like you achieve this every day

Take a deep breath with me for about a minute and feel into what it would feel like to have:

  • more profits in your business
  • secure,  regular income for yourself
  • more money in your bank accounts
  • paid off debt
  • retirement accounts growing nicely
  • plenty of money for when life goes sideways
  • AND for that beach vacation with sunset massages, endless cocktails and nothing more to worry about than your tan line
about sarah


It’s not your fault.

You have not failed. You are not bad at business. 

Being an entrepreneur is not easy. 90% of businesses fail.

82% of those failures are due to finances

This is not something you learned about in school (unless, like me, you went to school for business finance)

So if you want to be in the 10% that succeeds, you need a guide who knows about how to avoid the financial pitfalls that you don’t know how to watch out for

Because armed with the right knowledge you can be the 10%

The 10% that create whatever life they dream of whether it’s living as a digital nomad, summer trips to Bali or leaving a legacy to your family. 

It’s all possible for you

You just need the right guide

about sarah

all about Your new yoda

I’m Sarah Blanchfield, and I am so freaking glad you are here I just want to wrap you in a giant digital hug!

If you are craving clarity in your business finances and know that there is more you could be doing to be strategic with your finances if you only had the info…

You’re in the right place.

I’m a pro at making complicated things simple, seeing solutions where others see roadblocks, making a bomb Thanksgiving dinner and stealing the covers.

More than anything else, my mission is about empowering entrepreneurs with the confidence and clarity to run their business full on CEO-style.

I can't wait to partner with you
so you have..

  • More clarity in your business decisions
  • More money staying in your business (and your bank account)
  • More time to focus on the fun parts of your business
  • More freedom and security in your finances in your personal life
  • More dreams coming true – debt payoff, dream vacations, growing your team, buying a home…the list is endless and we will celebrate it all
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if we're going to be besties you should know about...

about sarah

My family = My why

My little family means everything to me – they are my “why” 1000%

about sarah

My Garden is my happy place

The joy of watching things grow, tending them and making flower arrangements for myself and to pass on to neighbors brings me immense joy!

about sarah

I have a cookbook addiction

I like to read them while I eat dinner. My palette gets bored a bit easily so I’m always having fun with new recipes – but alas, my family is more of a “We just want tacos every Tuesday” kind of group…it’s a balance

about sarah

I'm a serious nerd

I absolutely adore Star Trek…and Star Wars…and Firefly. I think Picard is the best Captain of the Enterprise and Kaylie (of course) is the shiz. Star Wars? I’m old-school R2D2 all the way and I think my husband looks like Chewbacca.

are you ready?

Time to Stop hustling ANd start Living