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hi, I’m Sarah

The bookkeeper you call when you're tired of hustling

simplicity bookkeeping

Are you an online Service Provider?

Tell me if this sounds familiar...

You spend all your time focusing on your client’s business not your own (let alone your bookkeeping)

You are burnt the fuck out of haggling prices with people who don’t see your value

You have big-ass dreams for your business but you haven’t taken a paycheck from your business lately

(or maybe ever…)

It’s not enough to know the numbers

You have to know what the hell to do with them

To charge the right prices

To know what offer is most profitable

To consistently make more money

To scale your business sustainably

To not worry about cash flow

To build your team with confidence

To work less and earn more


about sarah

ready to

do this?

I know you're tired

You’re doing all the things and it never seems to be enough.

You have a great month and then the money seems to bleed right back out your bank account.

It seems like everyone else has this figured out but you. 

Your life of freedom feels farther away somehow

With just a few tweaks and support from your truly, you’ll be on your way to those $10/$20/$50k+ months you’ve been dreaming about.

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Got the $$ coming in and ready to really dive into the next level of what financial strategy can do for your business?

Before you scroll any further - I feel like introductions are in order

I’m Sarah Blanchfield

INFJ, Enneagram 5, & Virgo who doesn’t function without morning coffee

I have a deep and abiding love of Star Trek and accidentally won an algebra award once…

so I’m a nerd.

And I have a passion for making scary business things (like money) simple and accessible so creative business owners can build the life of financial freedom. 

simplicity bookkeeping

sour candy addict

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Showing the Love

Are you ready?

to work less and earn more

simplicity bookkeeping

business besties

here at simplicity bookkeeping we believe

  • that money can be easy and plentiful
  • guilt-free pleasures should happen daily
  • that mercury retrograde is a bitch but it’s nothing a little sage and crystals can’t fix
  • a bad day can easily be fixed by bingeing Great British Baking Show

And that business is better with besties!