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simplicity bookkeeping

Over the last 15 years working with creatives

The common theme is... I don’t know how Sarah does it

“I finally felt confident enough to move out on my own for the first time”

“Sarah saved us thousands – on everything from equipment to software”

“I’ve saved over 60% of the cost of my new roof. Can’t wait to pay in cash!”

“I didn’t think I had the funds to hire help but Sarah made it happen”

Quickbooks shows you the numbers

Simplicity Bookkeeping shows you how to use those numbers!

To make more money

To grow your business

To pay for that dream trip to Bali

To pay for your fantasy wedding

To get debt-free

To build lasting security

To finally be financially free

about sarah

ready to

do this?

I know you're tired

You’re doing all the things and it never seems to be enough.

You have a great month and then the money seems to bleed right back out your bank account.

It seems like everyone else has this figured out but you. 

Your life of freedom feels farther away somehow

With just a few tweaks and support from your truly, you’ll be on your way to those $10/$20/$50k+ months you’ve been dreaming about.

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Set-up Guide


Just getting started? Make sure you are set-up for success from the start with the Simplicity Bookkeeping Set-up Guide


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simplicity bookkeeping services

Already bringing in the Benjamin’s and ready to get started turning that cash into profits and mojitos on the beach? 

But before you scroll any further - I feel like introductions are in order

I’m Sarah Blanchfield

INFJ, Enneagram 5, & Virgo who doesn’t function without morning coffee

I have a deep and abiding love of Star Trek and accidentally won an algebra award once…

so I’m a nerd.

And I have a passion for making scary business things (like money) simple and accessible so creative business owners can build the life of financial freedom. 

simplicity bookkeeping

sour candy addict

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simplicity bookkeeping
simplicity bookkeeping

Showing the Love

You don’t have to choose

between profits and fun

simplicity bookkeeping

business besties

here at simplicity bookkeeping we believe

  • that money can be easy and plentiful
  • guilt-free pleasures should happen daily
  • that mercury retrograde is a bitch but it’s nothing a little sage and crystals can’t fix
  • a bad day can easily be fixed by bingeing Great British Baking Show

And that business is better with besties!